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I have long been a passionate advocate that storytelling has the power to change the world and independent voices outside of the mainstream, connecting and representing underserved audiences, are crucial to forge true social transformation. That is why, in a 2011, I became a standard bearer on the Canadian web series scene to lead the formation of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (a not-for-profit organization for independent, audience focused, creative driven storytellers); co-founded and co-produced the first ever Toronto web series Festival in 2014; forged various community building initiatives centered on cutting-edge storytelling practices such as transmedia, social media storytelling, and participatory fiction (subjects I lecture on at various universities); and have consulted on too many grassroots media projects and emergent careers to count. 

My creative work, interconnected with my community building practices, has long been on the forefront of experimentation with new media forms and platforms, which is why I was the first to showrun a serialized novel on Wattpad back in 2012; was a pioneer in sandbox worldbuilding/participatory fiction and transmedia in Canada; and have written and produced across most media formats — scripts for various screen content platforms, flash fiction stories, novellas, Visual and kinesthetic novels, literary essays, the list goes on.

The failure of the Web 2.0 promises of social connection/adhesion and the democratization of information presents unique challenges and opportunities today. How can independent creators connect with their audiences directly when the platforms of distribution fail to protect their needs for safety and sustainability, the needs of their communities for authentic representation, when subjected to the whims of discriminatory algorithms and policies?

My vision for Borken Creative is a new style production company: one that shuns harmful and toxic industry practices that fail to protect the mental health and well-being of neurodivergent creatives from both brutal work hours and industry leaders that cause harm but rather builds creators (and crew) up within a holistic sustainable practice. Using my past community building skills and unique abilities to facilitate participation across communities/audiences, my unique insights in grass-roots to mid-budget productions and business models, I plan for Borken Creative to act as an incubator for emerging artists to tell their stories on their terms. And, of course, we have our own stories to tell as well along the way: authentic, raw, and candid.

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