Carrie Cutforth will be at Storyworld Sessions for Catalyst Festival

Borken Creative President & Executive Producer Carrie Cutforth will be presenting at Catalyst Festival as part of the Storyworld Sessions on Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 for a Salon titled Mainstreaming Marginalized Identities.


Salon: Mainstreaming Marginalized Identities

As storytellers, how can we be inclusive of identities that are not our own? Who gets to tell whose stories? And how can we avoid common missteps and pitfalls when writing characters to reach underserved audiences?

Rabblerouser Carrie Cutforth will screen a demo reel for an upcoming interactive documentary to jumpstart an informal but lively discussion on the (mis)representation of queer and other marginalized identities.

The TOP SECRET demo reel to be screened is for a feature-length documentary that explores the representation of fictional LGBTQ+ characters on television, and the real-world impact that these negative or positive portrayals can have.

Open to all creators who want to write it right and those frustrated by lack of representation, negative stereotypes, and queerbaiting.

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